Tips on use

Obviously everybody has different expectations of service and work quality. The listings have been included on this website only on the pretext that they are able to provide a service or supply in this field of classic motoring and not in any manner or form does this imply quality of service or supply.  We therefore respectfully request that the user of this directory takes due diligence when sourcing and using the services of the listings. Classic Car Services and Suppliers takes no responsibility for inferior service or supply. Classic Car Services and Suppliers reserves the right to alter and/or remove a listing without confirmation.

Tips for successful sourcing:

  • Obtain multiple quotations where possible
  • Do due diligence on ability of services and suppliers to provide the necessary service required
  • Do due diligence on the quality of service and supply required
  • Do due diligence on the timeframe of the service and/or supply required
  • Provide a detailed (preferably written) scope of works or supply required inclusive of quality and timeframe
  • Ensure the quality and timeframe (preferably written) are agreed prior to proceeding with service or supply
  • Ensure payment terms are agreed upfront (preferably written) prior to proceeding with the service and supply
  • Ensure unauthorized works are not attended without your approval (preferably written)